Do you ever feel like it's extremely hard to make intentional forward progress with your blog?  

Do you feel like you live in constant survival mode?  Like you don't know where to pick up or where you left off?

Wonder how to prioritize your blogging life with the time you have to dedicate?

Kim Anderson created this course to teach you the system she uses with her own coaching clients to help them make intentional forward progress with their blogging goals. 


Each lesson includes a LISTEN & LEARN audio recording so you can listen to and complete the course while you cook, clean or do other tasks.  

The course includes 6 Activity Sheets and 2 BONUS Trello training videos.  

When you complete this course you should have decided what your most important blogging goals are, created your process, made your plan and then simply tackle your goals week by week! 

If you follow the system you'll make intentional and strategic moves to grow your blog!

Learn this blog organization strategy + GET THE ULTIMATE BLOG PLANNER for only $79!

What Bloggers Are Saying

"I'm working through the 12-week blog growth strategy and it's like a huge lightbulb! I can't wait for the next 12 weeks to accomplish my goals! Also, I want to keep this information in front of me at all times, so I printed Kim's worksheets at 75% on my printer, cut them down to fit my Happy Planner, punched the edges and now it's with me all the time!" 

 Julie from

"I recently completed the 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy course. I had some time this morning so I was going to watch the videos. I found the planner in the bonuses and I just have to say - brilliant! I have paid for many and tried even more for free and none of them stand up to this one. Simple to use, all I need in one place, and not a single thing more than what I need! Thanks Kim!" 

Pamela of First Step Right

Your 12-Week Blog Growth Strategy is AWESOME!! I'm just printing off the activity sheets and can't wait to get started. I cannot tell you how much I needed this...I've set up Trello too and am a little excited about putting it all in there once done!  If you haven't bought this yet, go for won't regret it! 😊

 Sarah of A Simple and Contented Life

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    The 12 Week Blogging Success Strategy

    • Introduction: How To Squeeze the Most Out of this Course

    • Step 1 Lesson: Understand the Five Reasons Why Bloggers Don't Make Forward Progress

    • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 1- Audio Recording

    • Step 2 Lesson: How to Own Your Own Success

    • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 2- Audio Recording

    • Step 3 Lesson: Plan to Succeed or Get By: Why Both Are Okay

    • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 3 - Audio Recording

    • Step 4 Lesson: Create Your Process

    • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 4- Audio Recording

    • Step 5 Lesson: Create Your Own Goals

    • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 5 Audio Recording

    • Step 6 Lesson: Divide & Conquer

    • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 6 Audio Recording

    • Step 7 Lesson: Treat Yo' Self!

    • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 7 Audio Recording

    • Step 8 Lesson: Consider Whether You Need Accountability

    • LISTEN AND LEARN STEP 8 Audio Recording

    • Step 9 Lesson: Just Keep Blogging

    • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 9 Audio and Recording

    • Want to be an affiliate?

  • 2


    • JKB 2019 Ultimate Blog Planner

    • BONUS: Blog & Email Editorial Calendar in Trello

    • BONUS: 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Trello Tutorial

    • 12-Week Blog Growth Strategy Printable Planner

    • 12- Week Blog Growth Strategy Printable Blog Post Process

    • NEW BONUS: Kim's Printable Processes

    • The Unofficial 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy EBA Breakdown

    • NEW 2020 Ultimate Blog Planner

About the instructor

Author, Blogger & Coach

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson is the traditionally published author of the book, Live Save Spend Repeat: The Life You Want with the Money you Have.  Kim and her husband paid off $93K in debt on one income in under two years.  Her goal is to help people create a life without regrets while funding the good life they want with the money they have to work with! She lives in North Carolina with her husband, six year old son and adorably identical twin baby girls!