What AWESOME blog image skills could you learn in just 60-minutes?  Don't keep putting it off!  Today is the day! 

So you want to have nice images on your blog but you just aren't sure how that whole thing "works" exactly?

 If you are fairly new to creating images on your blog this course is going to help you understand the simple tools you can use to take your photo skills (even on your phone) to the next level. 

In this deep dive, 60-minute Workshop Video, we cover the following items:

1) Taking Pictures Without Needing a Fancy DSLR Camera or Photography Equipment

2) How to Doctor Your Pictures (Even the Really Bad Ones)

3) How to add Your Logo or URL to images.

4) How to Add Images to Post and Sidebars

5) How to Link a Cover Images to a Free Printable Download

6) How to Create Social Cover Images

The best part?  You can take and finish this mini-course workshop in just 60 minutes!! 

This 60-minutes is packed with valuable information and behind the scenes tutorials on how to make the image magic happen on your blog with ease! 

Finally, learn the skills you need to feel CONFIDENT about your blog photos in one hour for just $15!

About the instructor

Author, Blogger & Coach

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson is the traditionally published author of the book, Live Save Spend Repeat: The Life You Want with the Money you Have.  Kim and her husband paid off $93K in debt on one income in under two years.  Her goal is to help people create a life without regrets while funding the good life they want with the money they have to work with! She lives in North Carolina with her husband, six year old son and adorably identical twin baby girls! 

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